Diese Bands kommen 2018

30.04. Saturday’s Heroes, Niveauflucht
05.05. Produzenten der Froide, Torpedo Dreigang
11.05. 210, RatRace
06.06. Carbine, Clench Your Fist, Bellako, Brawl Between Enemies, Chelsea Smile
08.06. Robinson Krause, Wrest., Rash Decision
22.06. The Bois, Sharp X Cut
29.06. Cartouche
07.07. Hors Controle, Subversive Brats
29.07. Agrotoxico, Rasta Knast

Schon veranstaltet seit 2015

Los Fastidios, Die Bullen, Hors Controle, Lumpen, Subversive Brats, Blisterhead, Hatehug, The Oppressed, The Prowlers, Curb Stomp, One Step Ahead, Brigadir, One Burning Match, Mister X, Sewer Brigade, Fat and Angry, Killbite, Produzenten der Froide, Gloomster, James First, Moscow Death Brigade, 84 Breakdown, 1323, Bitter Verses, United and Strong, Weathered, Game Over You Lose, Affenmesserkampf, Shutcombo,Alarmsignal, Disco // Oslo, Die Shitlers, Supernichts, Die Haddocks, Niveauflucht, Mirror Monkeys, The Niklas Experience, Missstand, Zrada, Los Revolucionarios, Von Drakus, Knür, Postford, Oakhands, Snareset, Union Jack, Die Deislers, Drunk Motorcycle Boy, Deep Shining High, Nitro Injekzia, Bull Brigade, Action Sedition, Odio Social, Die Uiuiuis, Gulag Beach, Blatoidea, Just Wär, Call the Cops, Fontanelle, Sharp X Cut, The Spartanics, Jodie Faster, Youth Avoiders, Soulground, Unfaded, Henry Fonda, Slam Harder, Misa Hysterica, Egocentrash, Vitamin X, Arrested Denial, Wegweiser, Profit and Murder, Obscene Revenge, Antidigos, Baretta Love, Oi of the Tiger, RPG-7, Raccoon Riot, Wasted, Fabrik Fabrik, Pleite, Hey Ruin, Kosmonovski, Scheissediebullen, The Maladro!ts,Tear Them Down, Sick Times, Angstbreaker, Bug Attack